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We encourage the intellectual, emotional, social and physical growth of your child in a safe learning environment.

At Tabernacle of Praise Early Learning Center, we use the Pinnacle Curriculum™ as a tool for providing quality programming in your child care center. Pinnacle Curriculum™ is designed to engage children in developmentally appropriate activities that move them toward their potential in all areas of child development. It provides teachers with daily resources that make creating meaningful learning experiences possible, eliminating the time consuming research that lesson planning often takes.

Pinnacle Curriculum offers six age-specific teacher guides for each month.  Infants, Toddlers, Twos, Threes, Fours and School-Agers all have their own developmentally- appropriate and age-specific curriculum guide for each month of the year.

What does Pinnacle Curriculum include?
     • An easy-to-follow daily or weekly format

     • Lesson plan guide
     • Options for enriching activity centers every day and week
     • Suggested book lists and "ready-to-send” parent letters
     • Academic Options
     • Daily, weekly, and monthly supply lists
     • Art patterns for classroom enrichment

We are dedicated to providing the very best for your children through a caring staff and quality curriculum. Ultimately, Pinnacle Curriculum™ reinforces that learning is fun!  From the littlest ones in the infant room to the high-energy school-agers, Pinnacle Curriculum™ helps foster a positive learning environment run by an educated, dedicated and loving staff who guides them toward their potential every day.


TOPELC is committed to cultivating motivated, compassionate and innovative thinkers. Our enrichment programs serve as fundamental components to help achieve that goal. Music, math, science, dance, performing arts, and physical fitness are all part of our exceptional enrichment programming. These programs not only encourage children to learn and explore different avenues of learning, but with small class sizes, personalized experiences, and individual attention, your child can quickly gain new skills in important areas that are vital for future success in school . Give your child every advantage with our exclusive Enrichment Programs, supplemental educational opportunities that complement’s TOPELC core curriculum.


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