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TOP Early Learning Center core values include:

  • Excellence in academic pursuits.

  • Integrity in character development.

  • Faith in Jesus Christ – growing vital, and life changing.

Philosophy of Education


TOPELC believes the true goal of education is to know God because God is the source of all truth, wisdom and understanding. Since God in omniscient, therefore all areas of life and learning are sacred. A Christian worldview places all learning with the parameters of Scripture, therefore all instructional areas will be educated from the Biblically based view. Curriculum is specifically designed and selected to challenge the student in internalizing a Christian worldview.

Children are gifts from God, a sacred trust, to be raised in the nurture and admonition of God "to love the Lord your God and serve him with all your heart and with all your strength.” Deuteronomy instructs parents to "listen diligently to the Lord’s commands and to teach them to your children.” TOPELC exists to assist parents in fulfilling this Biblical obligation. 

Christian teachers are called by God, gifted by God, and guided by the Holy Spirit, in their personal and professional lives to demonstrate excellence in educational practice. The teacher guides and nurtures students toward a Christian worldview through the effective utilization of a variety of teaching methodologies appropriate to each child’s stage of development.


Christian education occurs as the Holy Spirit works effectively in the hearts and minds of the students. Because God has created all students, it is the purpose of the Christian daycare to direct each student to achieve their full potential with regards to their unique talents and developmental growth patterns.

Core Values

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