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TOPELC Programs 


TOP Early Education  

At TOP Early Learning Center we provide a safe, nurturing, educational environment which fosters active learning, child development and support for the whole child, while assuring your peace of mind in the care and service we render. We realize that children develop differently at different ages, which is why we offer early education programs designed for specific age groups:

Infant and Todler Early Education and Care 

(Infant: Birth to 11 Months - Toddler: 12months to 2 Years)

Infants and toddlers learn best in environments where they can have secure relationships with caring and responsive adults, and where they feel safe and free to explore and learn. One keyway infants and toddlers learn is by exploring their environment. Children will naturally be drawn to explore a space that is inviting. Whether the environment is a home, socialization space, or a childcare center, creating a safe, playful, and welcoming learning environment requires a thoughtful process. There are so many to think about play spaces, areas for caregiving routines, and ways to integrate home cultures into children’s environments—all important aspects of an engaging environment for infants and toddlers.

Preschool Early Education and Care 

(Preschool: 3 Years to 4 Years)

With your child’s third birthday, the “terrible twos” are officially over and the “magic years” of three and four begin—a time when your child’s world will be dominated by fantasy and vivid imagination. During the next two years, he’ll mature in many areas.

Pre-Kindergarten (Ga Pre-K)
Private Pre-K

(Pre-K: 4 Years to 5 Years)

What is Georgia's Pre-K Program?

Georgia's Pre-K Program is a lottery funded educational program for Georgia's four-year-olds to prepare children for kindergarten.

Who is eligible for Georgia's Pre-K Program?

Children four years of age on September 1 of the current school year who are Georgia residents are eligible to attend Georgia's Pre-K Program during this school year. Georgia’s Pre-K Program is voluntary for families and for providers.

Because participation in Georgia's Pre-K Program is voluntary for public schools and for private child development centers, there may not be enough spaces in every community for all four year olds who wish to participate. Every effort will be made to contract with eligible centers to create enough spaces for children who want to attend OR to match children with available spaces in other Georgia’s Pre-K Program providers in the area.

Summer Camp 

(Ages: 4Years to 5 Years)

Summer Camp is all about experiencing new adventures, learning exciting skills, and having fun with friends. Whether it’s building fine motor skills or developing principles of reading and language, summer camp is a great time to reach developmental milestones for your Children. Explore activities like musical sing-alongs, drawing, dance parties, and more! 

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